“[Boko Haram] shot his brother as they were running away, and he wasn’t able to stay and help him”

TAP interviewed some displaced people at a settlement of displaced people from Borno State located just outside Abuja. Here, we met Ibrahim, a young businessman and father from Gwoza. Boko Haram burned down his two homes. They also burned down his two cars, one of which had his life savings. With no money, he was forced to run away from his hometown for shelter.

Ibrahim’s story was translated for TAP by an English-speaking member of the community.

[Ibrahim speaks]

Translation: They were living happily. Then Boko Haram came and killed many people. They shot his brother as they were running away, and he wasn’t able to stay and help him. He had to run for his life. He had one trouser, one shirt, one slippers. He stayed here. He met others that they suffered together.

How many children do you have? Where are you from?

Translator: He has 2 wives 13 kids. He’s from Borno State, Gwoza.

Are you currently working?

Translator: No, no work.

Have you received any government support?

Translator: No government support.

Are any of his kids in school?

Translator: None of his children in schools. They were in nursery school before.

[Ibrahim speaks]

Translator: He had 2 cars, houses, all burnt. He had 1.45 million in one of his cars that’s now gone, since his car got burnt. He ran after they killed his brother and stayed 14 days on the road, barely eating. He eventually ended up here.

He was able to secure a house for his family eventually, and he has rented it for them. He was doing very well in Borno and the house is not not up to his standard, but he has had to manage to put [his family] somewhere. He, though, is here [in the camp].

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