“Dead bodies are all over the place with no one to bury them except the pigs and dogs eating them”

Mary Paul from Adamawa State fled her village in Michika Local Government in Adamawa State after a Boko Haram attack. She has moved from place to place since then, and has most recently settled in Waru Community in Abuja. She shares her story and her expectations of the new government.

What is your name?

I am Mary Paul from Adamawa State, Michika local Government.

Why are you in Waru?

My purpose of coming here is because of Boko Haram issue. They entered our village last year September 7. Majority of the people were in the church. They werer shouting ‘Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, God is great, God is great’. They were firing gun shots. Before we knew it we were already running from one mounting to another mounting and another village to another village. That is how we ran from our village to Mubi and from Mubi to Yola, before they sent transport to us and we are here. When we came, we slept in Nyanya, and they said they will get house for us cheap, I better we remain here. When we got here, they took us to the chief, and we explained to the chief and he said there is no problem.

Because of the population of the people here affected by Boko Haram, they won’t be able to camp us in one place. They only thing they can do is look for the house, we get the house rent and pay so we can live in.

The first time, we were 15 in the room before some people would go to farm, some people would fetch water and sell, and we help people. That is how we got money to rent another room and divided ourselves.

Do you have any expectations on the new government?

For this issue now, as they have changed another president, we want the government to try his best to make sure that we go back to our village and not to stay here. We are staying here like people that do not have home. Like when we are in our home  now, we would be in the farm at this time. When we go to farm to the end of the year, we know what we would get from the farm compared with the small thing we are doing. We are not happy as we are here because of this issue of the Boko Haram. We want the president, the government and the entire people to try their best. We don’t want to hear anything like Boko Haram in our areas. Majority of the old women in our village have already died because we could run for our lives, but they couldn’t. They are there sitting down and many of them can’t get up to fetch the water they will drink, talk more of going to the river to fetch water, talk more of cooking for themselves. They die of hunger. Majority of our people die because there is no one to care for them. Dead bodies are all over the place no one to bury them except the pigs and dogs eating them. We need government to do something. Let us know that there is change in this new.

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