“How can you drink water from the well when there are dead bodies on the ground?”

After having fled Adamawa State as a result of Boko Haram violence, this parent bemoans the difficulty of settling into a new life, especially in getting children back in school.

While you are here in Waru, as the government fights Boko Haram, what will you want the government do for you?

If I say the government is not trying, I lie. But since January, February, no one has come here to see us apart from Minister’s wife who came here last three months. But since then nobody has come to see us. The food they are giving to us, even some small things they give to us, we don’t see anything again.

Majority of our boys, no school for then. There is nothing you will give a child of 10 to 15 years that he will be happy apart from education. If you go to school to look for admission for your child, they will say you bring primary school certificate, bring documents. You are running for your life or you are going back to pick documents? You can’t go back to pick document,  document does not have life, and you run for your life. We suffer and pay a lot of money that we did not expect to pay for the school that is government school. It is very, very bad.  I am not happy. That is why I want government to try their best to do what they can do pertaining education for our children.

The school is even very far. Transportation is 300/350 go and come. You that is sitting at home doing nothing, how can you remove 300/350 to give to a child to go to school and come back? There is no way. The child will sit at home.

In Waru now, are you doing anything like business, any work?

Yes. I am selling ‘mama put’ (selling food) now.

How is the business? Can you cope with the business?

Thank God for the business. It is better than none.

One more question, do you still have family members in Adamawa that are in danger?

Many of them. There are many of them that are there. No food, nothing. Even those of them that went back, no food, no good water to drink. How can you drink water from the well, when there were dead bodies in the ground? If the rain falls well, we will know that the rain has wiped out the dirt. But if rain does not fall well, then you know there is sickness, cholera and different diseases because of flies.

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